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If you need to know where to find all memory chips, you are in luck my friend, because in this guide you Death Stranding we have everything covered.

What are Death Stranding memory chips for?

First of all you have to know that there are a total of 56 chips in the game, these chips are quite difficult to find, even more than bicycles or the improved equipment of the game, knowing where to find all the memory chips can take a long time if You do it for yourself.

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One tip we give is that chips can be easily found by completing the main story and the necessary triggers. The nearby city will have to be updated enough for Sam to read his emails. Once you have all the chips you can get a trophy called "Source of knowledge", which will be necessary to obtain a platinum trophy.

Make sure you are checking the number of cards you have from the Memory Chip menu, for this open the Settings and look for where it says "Memory Chip".

Where to find all memory chips in Death Stranding?

All chips are spread across the USA. UU. We have noticed that they are easier to find near stairs and pedestrian bridges, you will also know when there is one nearby using the scanner. Be sure to keep the city up to date and read the emails where you will find clues to find them faster.

Now that you know where to find all memory chips Death Stranding , we hope you feel ready to go for them and be able to get the two trophies that are at stake, be patient and you will find them little by little. Good luck.


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