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Do you want to know where to find Junji Ito in Death Stranding? Well then you should take a look at this section?

In this new installment of Death Stranding, the Kojima Productions open-action action and exploration videogame, we will be showing you everything you need to know to find Junji Ito, so pay attention.

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Where to find Junji Ito in Death Stranding?

One of the activities you should do in Chapter 3 of the game will be to travel to a settlement south of Lake Knot City. There you will meet an engineer, who will help you create new equipment. To add it to your list of allies, you must travel to its settlement with the necessary cargo, which when delivered, will connect you to the Chiral Network.

The Engineer's hologram

When you do the above, you will find this hologram inspired by Junji Ito, the iconic horror manga figure standing right in front of you. When that happens, you can create the Power Skeleton. It is a team that will allow you to better maintain balance on the ground at the expense of cargo transport slots.

This way you can go through the landscapes of the title more easily. But that's not all, every time you increase your level of connection with Junji Ito when completing work, you can have provision to higher level skeleton schemes.

Now that you know where to find Junji Ito in Death Stranding, it's time to start your own search.

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