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We hope you've prepared for this battle, because today we'll tell you how to beat the giant BT in Death Stranding.

 Who is the giant BT in Death Stranding?

Before we tell you how to beat the giant BT you first need to know a little about it. This is one of the bosses in the game, but it's not just one of the bosses, but possibly the most difficult boss to beat in the game and this complicates things three times over, although this is relative, because in this guide we'll tell you how to beat the giant BT, although of course this won't make the boss lose his power but it will let you know what to do, when and how to do it.

This boss appears when you arrive at the Edge Knot City delivery terminal in episode 9, where Higgs will give you a speech and take you to Amelie, who is being held hostage in his plan to end the world of Death Stranding, in this process Hggs will summon the giant BT that you will have to defeat.

It has a head in the form of a group of Chirales Crystals and appeared a couple of times before the game was released in trailers.

How do you beat the giant BT in Death Stranding?

The battle begins, it takes place in a small area of Edge Knot City, the BT will appear walking towards the combat area from a nearby road, when you start the battle you can see Amelie and Higgs embedded in the body of the beast.
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If you want to know how to beat the giant BT you should know that the most efficient way to beat him is by hitting him directly with shots, starting with the BT's chest and then towards the shoulders, but don't just shoot BT, shoot Higgs as well.

We recommend attacking with fingernails, teeth and everything you have, rocket launchers, assault rifles, everything, we also recommend using slow moving projectiles to prevent the BT from rotating.

This monster will also attack with projectiles which of course you will have to dodge, also avoid golden monsters, for this climb to the top of a building, even in general we recommend being at the top of some structure, this will make it difficult for BT to hit you.

Make sure you tap the touchpad button on the game controller constantly so Sam can call the ether and summon white avatars from other players to help you stay alive and if you use the elements on the battlefield you'll always have the chance to win over one of the most powerful bosses in Death Stranding.

 Now that you know how to beat the giant BT in Death Stranding, you should be more than ready to face him, always remember that you can stay in the heights so that he can not hit you so many times, we hope our guide has been useful and you get to crush this boss of Death Stranding quickly.

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