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Ghost of Tsushima: Trophy List

2020-07-16 13:52:23

Today we invite you to know the list of trophies that are available and we must collect in Ghost of Tsushima.

What brings us Tsushima's ghost?

Action and adventure are two fundamental elements in this game, because we simply have the possibility of playing as a samurai and that is saying enough, because we focus on a main story where the exploration of Tsushima Island turns out to be interesting and vital, but during this work we are faced with the possibility of obtaining some interesting elements, that is why it is necessary to know the list of trophies that we can achieve and with their accumulated artifacts.

What is the trophy list in Ghost of Tsushima?

The trophies are simply hidden and it is only necessary to locate them naturally, think they simply imply the need to be able to play in the swamp, our task is to focus on getting the Trophy List in a comfortable way while we keep moving, as this does not It is nothing strange since being samurai we will simply be constantly active in Ghost of Tsushima, especially since here we are given the possibility of achieving a total of 52 trophies.

The list of trophies that we are going to leave next will be starting from the Gold trophies, then the Silver, followed by the Bronze, the Platinum and others in Ghost of Tsushima.

Gold trophies.

  • Auxiliary Sword Hand: This trophy is earned by completing all Tales of Tsushima.

Silver trophies.

  • The Vengeful Warrior: We got this trophy when we completed Masako's tales.
  • The Head Thief: To achieve this, it is necessary to complete the mythical tales.
  • The Warrior Monk: A trophy we found by completing Norio's Tales.
  • Have a good fall: trophy obtained when we managed to kill an enemy with some fall damage from a ledge.
  • Unyielding Archer: We can choose this trophy by completing the Ishikawa tales.
  • The storyteller: is a trophy obtained by completing the mythical stories.
  • Body, mind and spirit: it is a trophy achieved by completing all the Baths, Inari Shrines, Kaiku and Bamboo Strikes.
  • Master Liberator: We achieved this trophy by completely liberating Tsushima Island.
  • Clan Cospplayer - Trophy earned by dressing as a Legendary Thief.

Bronze trophies.

  • Witness Protection: Trophy obtained when we shoot an enemy who is terrified using an arrow while fleeing.
  • Flash of Steel: This trophy was achieved when we managed to defeat 20 enemies using a counterattack after a perfect Stop.
  • Open to Business: Achieving this trophy only requires successfully staggering enemies at least 50 times.
  • Hunting Accuracy: Finding the trophy requires killing at least 20 enemies using phantom stance attacks.
  • Everything on the wrist: This trophy requires defeating a considerable number of enemies during a single confrontation.
  • There can only be one: to get this trophy it is necessary to successfully complete each duel in Ghost of Tsushima.
  • Every trick in the broce book: getting this trophy requires getting all the disposable ghost weapon techniques.
  • The perfect storm: to achieve this trophy it is necessary to update our sword completely.
  • The Phantom of the Legend: Obtaining this trophy implies building our necessary legend to obtain a title in Ghost of Tsushima.
  • A charming man: trophy that requires equipping a charm in all 6 slots.
  • Gifted: This trophy is earned by collecting 10 gifts.
  • Quick Study: This is a trophy that we can achieve when we learn the fighting postures of stone, wind, moon, and water.
  • Slay Trophy: This trophy is obtained when we obtain 30 pieces of Vanity Gear.
  • Den of Thieves: Obtaining this trophy requires discovering Cala Umugi.
  • Honoring the invisible: You need this trophy, including the 10 altars that are hidden in Tsushima.
  • Light the way: This trophy calls for rekindling all the lighthouses on the island.
  • Kami Favor: This trophy requires finding and honoring the island's Shinto shrines.
  • Monochromatic Masters: This trophy requires purchasing an item from black and white tint merchants.
  • Lost and Found: A trophy found by discovering the Pillar of Honor and collecting the Sword Kit.
  • A moment in time: a trophy earned by customizing a scene in photo mode.
  • Avid reader: This trophy involves collecting a total of 20 records.
  • Dirge de la forge fall: a trophy that requires touching the lament of the storm in the grave of a friend.
  • A fight for the island ...: This trophy requires liberating all the occupied areas in Izuhara.
  • Know your enemy: trophy obtained by collecting a total of 20 Mongolian artifacts.
  • Good ridding: this trophy requires releasing 8 zones that are occupied in Toyotama.
  • Village Hero - A trophy obtained by unlocking 12 occupied zones in Izuhara.
  • Mass eviction: This trophy requires you to liberate u7 controlled areas in Kamigata.
  • A new safe haven: This trophy is achieved by unlocking all the occupied areas in Kamigata.
  • Secure the Sanctuary: This trophy is achieved when we clear all occupied areas of the Toyotama.

Platinum Trophy.

  • The living legend: trophy obtained when we have achieved all the trophies.

Other trophies.

  • Hidden Trophy 1-12 - These are trophies that no level exists only unlock through the story.

Now that you know the Trophy List, it is time to fight and get them all, as it is a reward that Phantom of Tsushima offers us

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