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On this occasion we bring to you a Death Stranding guide where you will learn how to use decoy cargo.

Normally crossing America with the load is not an easy task, and less when we know that there are MULE cargo thieves, we also have to deal with the BTs that are another problem and although we are stealthy or use some gadget, we have to look for other options, it is here where the lure load comes in that we will teach you to use in the game.

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What are MULE detection beacons in Death Stranding?

The beacons are objects that serve the MULE to detect valuable charges, since when we are close to them it makes us somewhat uncomfortable, therefore they are difficult to avoid, and just by pinging they can find us and cause us problems, of course they do not they come exactly for us, what is valuable to them is the load, it is here that the lure load will be our goal to distract them, and that these MULE take a surprise not very pleasant.

How to use the decoy charge in Death Stranding?

The decoy cargo is simply an element of distraction, for this it is ideal to place a cargo inside and being near a MULE, when approaching and opening it, it will simply explode, it is ideal to use it on a MULE base, when they try to steal the load from us, when We do it chasing each other, this serves to make them a little slow.

To make use of the lure load we have to:

Open the equipment menu, for this we will have to press the right of the D-Pad, then select the decoy cargo, and then proceed to launch it to any MULE in Death Stranding.

In general terms, knowing how to use decoy cargo is favorable for removing tedious enemies in Death Stranding.

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