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We will have more Death Stranding content in this guide and the topic to be discussed will be where to dispose bodies.

In Death Stranding of Kojima we will find that the story focuses on the devastation by explosions that occurred in the United States of America, certainly this created the Voidouts phenomenon due to the deaths that led to this deadly catalyst that we found as a result of what happened, the Doubt that we come to solve through this guide in this opportunity is where to dispose bodies and here we will cover everything about it.

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What are the gaps caused by Sam's deaths in Death Stranding?

Throughout the game we will interact with Sam and if he dies, we will enter an underwater world called Seam, which will allow Sam to return to life if we find his body, everything will be normal again if damage to the area, but in the case that a BT eats Sam, this will activate a Voidout, which will result in an explosion that will leave an area crater, which can be regenerated after a TRimefall, the focus in Sam's body it may be what causes the emptiness, which will lead us to the fact that when it emerges we will be next to the emptiness without being able to walk.

Where to dispose bodies in Death Stranding?

At some point in the game we will find ourselves in the situation in which we will kill someone, with this we will have a body to eliminate, what we must do is approach the body to lift it and take it to the incinerator, it will be something important to eliminate the bodies, since otherwise the body becomes a BT in 24 hours, if it is on ice it will be in 40 hours, so if this BT eats a human it will cause a vacuum and leave the area inaccessible.

Each body must be taken to an incinerator in West of Lake Knot City, so we must bear in mind that if we make multiple deaths instantly we will have a long way to go when transporting the bodies one by one, but it is good to know that we can use a van and carry all at the same time, a maximum of 7 bodies we can take at once, once we arrive we will take the bodies to the access terminal to eliminate all the bodies at once by incinerating them.

In conclusion, it is important to know where to dispose bodies in Death Stranding, since if this can lead to complications, we hope you will find the utility that this guide was looking for.


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