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Death Stranding Beginner’s Guide: How to play

2019-11-08 10:48:39

Death Stranding was released just a few hours ago, that's why we have prepared this Beginner’s Guide to start in the best way.

  Starting a new game is undoubtedly something very exciting, knowing what to expect but having the certainty that there are a lot of things that we don't even imagine is great. Unfortunately, many players can start lost and without knowing where to go, so we have prepared a guide with everything you need to know to start playing this new title in the best way.

Beginner’s Guide in Death Stranding

We have been playing for several hours and we have been able to gather a lot of detailed information about the most basic and important things you should keep in mind when playing.

How to start playing Death Stranding?

There are two ways to take this game at startup, and they are either very fast, or very calm, if we can tell you anything, the correct way to approach the game is a combination of both. If it is a question of completing missions and objectives you will have to be fast, but take it easy at a certain point so that things go well and do not get out of control.

Despite having a relatively slow start, things happen faster as you go along and it is about halfway through the third episode where things start to run much faster. Already in chapter 4 you will have almost all the elements that will be necessary to complete the game, even those that you may need at the beginning will already be in your hands for this point.

The missions in Death Stranding

Try whenever you can, complete the side missions, especially the Cosplayer mission with which you can get very useful equipment. But do not neglect the main missions obviously, complete them equally whenever you can and are available, these will appear on the menu in a golden thread.

How is it to play online

This question can cause confusion in some players, we are used to the fact that the online game works more or less under the same pattern, but in this case it is not so, if you want to understand a little more about this we recommend you review our guide about the game online of this new title to understand it much better.

Personally, we don't love the mode but you have to recognize it has its own and it is interesting, or at least as long as you connect to the Chiral Network to find objects, buildings and other items left by other players.

The enemies in Death Stranding

In this game the enemies are everywhere, your two main enemies of the game are BT and MULE, these will try to make your task of tidying things impossible.

BT are the "Stranded Things", basically ghosts that remain in the Timefall that rains and quickly ages what they touch.

MULE are dishonest humans obsessed with stealing your packages, unless you carry no cargo, they will pass from you. Although if you enter their territory you will have to deal with them.

How to manage inventory in Death Stranding?

Having a well organized inventory is very important in the game, this will allow you to maintain an order and balance that will be useful for finding items and items much easier and faster.

To do this press Options and then X, this will allow you to enter the inventory screen, and pressing Triangle will automatically reorganize it. We recommend doing it every time you pick something up to always keep order.

 We hope that our guide for beginners of Death Stranding will be useful for all those who are still a little lost, keep in mind each point and each advice to adapt as quickly as possible. Remember that you can review our other guides, we have useful content about this and other titles that will surely be very useful.

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