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In the universe of Cyberpunk 2077 we have many tasks, one of them is where to find all Vista Del Ray Hidden Gem and here will be the details.

What to know about Vista Del Ray Hidden Gem in Cyberpunk 2077?

The hidden gems are not marked on the map, these consist of special rewards that we can obtain by looting corpses and containers, being in view of the king it is appropriate to carry out this search that will benefit us, taking into account that due to the failures of the game Sometimes these do not appear, having to get away from the area and wait a certain time to return, now in this guide we have in detail where to find all Vista Del Ray Hidden Gem sight, let's only see the following content.
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Where to find all Vista Del Ray Hidden Gem in Cyberpunk 2077?


  •  Gem 1: we have to perform an action correctly in the Olive Branch concert, letting Alex come out of the trunk, we will find the body later to loot it, but if not, we will lose the hidden gem, then the first thing is that we travel to the headquarters from Delamain, we will go behind the Dicky Twister building located on the other side of the road, we find an alley to go through and access in Cyberpunk 2077 the low and graphite body of Tyger Claws to loot it.
  • Gem 2: as for where to find all the hidden gems from the king's view, the second will take us to Republic and Vine, we have to go to the right where there are a series of shops and stalls, then we enter an alley where there are some bars made of metal, near here we will see a lot of papers, which will help us climb to the roof by the location of the hole that will make us fall where a body is to loot our loot.
  • Gem 3: being our purpose to solve where to find all Vista Del Ray Hidden Gem view in Cyberpunk 2077, we arrive at the third hidden gem, which starting from the exit where we found the previous gem, we have to go to the other side through the alley , here we turn left to continue until we reach the fenced area, this after passing some cars, which will give us access to an open area passing through a series of containers in the corridor on the left, in the open air we will find our loot in a body to loot.
  • Gem 4: our purpose in Cyberpunk 2077 takes us to the Congress and MLK metro, we have to go left until we reach the first of the alleys on the left side, once here we notice a fenced area that has a timely opening to access without problems, to the enter our loot corresponding to this hidden gem awaits us.
  • Gem 5: in the vicinity of the Congress and MLK metro we have to make a turn to the right, which will allow as to where to find all the hidden gems of view of the king to visualize a building on the left, in which there are some panels of advertising in the upper area, the hidden gem will be there, only that we must reach the roof of the building by jumping through some arcade machines near here, it is necessary to use our weapons to knock down a drone, then we find the body with our loot.
  • Gem 6: the present hidden gem will take us to College Street, which makes us go to the fast travel point located on the advertising billboard, from this point we will notice a fire escape, which we must reach with a double jump, But also if we bring a car close to the place we can get to this staircase, seeing where to find all Vista Del Ray Hidden Gem view in Cyberpunk 2077, we have that a failure may occur in this situation, which does not allow us to climb this staircase Normally, which will leave us stuck, then we have to continuously jump forward until we let go and we can climb until we reach the corresponding loot.
  • Gem 7: we have reached the last of Vista Del Ray Hidden Gem in Cyberpunk 2077, what we will do is starting from the point of the previous gem, we will go left passing the 6 nearby shots, here a high white wall with A metal fence at the top, what we will do is go through here to go around it finding a ladder, when going up there are some containers we end up with where to find all Vista Del Ray Hidden Gem view and very close will be the body that we must loot.

 In conclusion, knowing where to find all Vista Del Ray Hidden Gem sight is excellent, because we can go further in this interesting and moved in Cyberpunk 2077.

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