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With our Cyberpunk 2077 guide you will learn more about where to find all the hidden gems of Wellsprings.

What to know about Wellsprings Hidden Gems in Cyberpunk 2077?

The first thing to consider is that they are not marked on the map, these are obtained through containers and corpses when looting them, the rewards we receive are very special and of great value for our progress, taking into account how bad it has been. this game, in addition to the many errors that can occur in this case, such as the fact that the hidden gems do not appear in some cases, which leads us to leave the place while about 24 hours elapse before we can return, taking into account Mind such details, let's see where to find all the hidden gems of Wellsprings in the explanatory content below.
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Where to find all the Wellsprings hidden gems in Cyberpunk 2077?


  •  Gem 1: close to the location of the fast trip of the dock we have that at the end there are some stairs that are to the right, going down these we find a door, we can go through with the double jump or using some barrels, which will put us with the body that we must loot to get the loot in Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Gem 2: before reaching the dock where we find gem 1, we have to find a car sticking out of the water, we have to jump and get to the back of it, which allows us on where to find all the hidden gems of Wellsprings loot a box.
  • Gem 3: you have to go to the pumping station in Cyberpunk 2077, our objective from here is to go towards the ocean, here is a staircase to the right to go down, then to the right is a tunnel, when entering we will look for a hut to our Left, we have to jump off the roof and go down behind to get some corpses waiting to be looted.
  • Gem 4: the present objective of knowing where to find all the hidden gems of Wellsprings takes us back to the pump station, here we have to cross the road in the direction of Barista in Brooklyn, between one building and the other on the right we will walk, continuing straight on we will arrive at the main road, we will go down and we must locate some dividers that are covered with barbed wire before the tunes, in the whole center there is a hidden body to loot their loot.
  • Gem 5: this hidden gem will take us in Cyberpunk 2077 to the sea park, here we must continue along the sidewalk until we notice some binoculars on our right, we must jump the cover below to find many bodies to loot and additionally a box under the table .
  • Gem 6: Moving on by figuring out where to find all the hidden gems of Wellsprings, this one will take us to the center of the Jealous Hearts cyber psycho sighting and the Living The Big Life crime concert, then here is a building with a series of fans at the top, which will lead us to climb to the roof and jumping at a certain point we reach the gem using parkour skills to climb, which allows us to get many special objects while avoiding damage.
  • Gem 7: the present hidden gem in Cyberpunk 2077 will take us to the H2 mega construction to start the search, in the open air we must locate the body that will give us the corresponding loot, this is located between the fast travel point and the intersection of 4 ways to the south, from the Brooklyn Barista we can walk directly to this body on the road.
  • Gem 8: on where to find all the hidden gems of Wellsprings we have reached the last one, which places us starting from the Brooklyn Barista, we have to go to the right passing under a glass structure with many advertisements, at the end of that sidewalk, we will make a left turn and we walk until we notice an area with a lot of piled up garbage, then jumping a container we enter a closed area, here there are many bodies to loot.


 This is all we need to know about where to find all the hidden gems of Wellsprings, in this way we can accumulate important objects for our performance for Cyberpunk 2077.

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