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Master How to Hack with a Monowire in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty. Unleash your inner hacker with our top tips and tricks now!

Welcome to our friendly guide on how to effectively hack using the monowire in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty. In this blog post, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of unlocking and utilizing the monowire's hacking capabilities, empowering you to quickly disable enemies and machines within Night City.

Section 1: Unlocking the Jailbreak Perk

To begin hacking with the monowire, you'll first need to unlock the Jailbreak Perk. This perk can be obtained by acquiring relic points from meeting Songbird. Relic points are collectibles that can be found throughout Night City. They can be obtained by completing missions, exploring the city, and engaging in various activities. Make sure to thoroughly explore Night City to collect more relic points, as they will come in handy for unlocking additional perks.

Once you have enough relic points, visit a Ripperdoc to unlock the Jailbreak Perk. The Ripperdoc is a specialist who can enhance your cybernetic abilities. Speak with them and choose the Jailbreak Perk to unlock it. This perk will grant you access to the monowire's hacking capabilities.

Section 2: Equipping the Monowire Cyberware

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Now that you have unlocked the Jailbreak Perk, it's time to equip the Monowire cyberware. Navigate to the Cyberware menu in your inventory and locate the Monowire option. Select it and proceed with equipping your desired quickhacks.

The Monowire cyberware is a versatile tool that not only allows you to hack enemies and machines but also serves as a deadly melee weapon. It is a wire-like implant that extends from your forearm, embedded with advanced technology that enables hacking abilities.

Section 3: Quickhack Compatibility

When equipping quickhacks onto your monowire, there are a few rules regarding compatibility that you should keep in mind. You can equip any quickhack that is of the same or lower tier as your monowire. However, attempting to equip a high-tier quickhack on a low-tier monowire will not work.

Quickhacks are cybernetic programs that enable you to perform various hacking actions. These actions range from disabling enemy cyberware to manipulating machines and devices. They can be acquired by purchasing them from vendors or looting them from defeated enemies.

To ensure compatibility, pay attention to the tier of your monowire and the tier of the quickhack you want to equip. Higher-tier monowires will allow for more powerful quickhacks, so it's worth considering an upgrade if you want to maximize your hacking potential.

Section 4: Hacking with the Monowire

Now that you have your monowire equipped with compatible quickhacks, it's time to unleash your hacking prowess. To initiate a hack, simply hold down the attack button while targeting an enemy or machine. The monowire will simultaneously attack and quickhack your selected target.

When hacking an enemy, the quickhack will disable their cybernetic enhancements, leaving them vulnerable and easier to defeat. This can be particularly useful when facing heavily augmented enemies who rely on their cyberware for combat advantages.

When hacking machines, the quickhack will allow you to manipulate them to your advantage. You can disable security systems, open locked doors, or even turn hostile machines against your enemies. The monowire's hacking capabilities give you an edge in combat situations and open up new strategic possibilities.

With these friendly guidelines, you are now equipped with all the necessary information on how to hack effectively using the monowire in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty. Unlock the Jailbreak Perk, equip the Monowire cyberware, and engage in devastating hacking tactics to overcome your adversaries.

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