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Unlock the secret to How To Get the Blue Fang Knife in Cyberpunk 2077! Our guide shows you simple steps.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on acquiring the legendary Blue Fang Knife in Cyberpunk 2077. In this article, we will walk you through the steps needed to obtain this sleek and deadly weapon from a vendor located in Jackson Plains. So, gear up and prepare to embark on this exciting quest to add the Blue Fang Knife to your arsenal. Let's dive right in!

Locating the Vendor in Jackson Plains:

To begin your quest for the Blue Fang Knife, make your way to Jackson Plains. This area is known for its savannah-like terrain and bustling marketplace. Look for a vendor specializing in melee weapons. They can be found in a stall or a shop, so keep an eye out for their distinct display.

Interacting with the Vendor:

Approach the vendor and interact with them to open their product catalog. This will allow you to browse through their selection of melee weapons, including the elusive Blue Fang Knife. The vendor may have a wide array of weapons, so take your time to locate the Blue Fang Knife among their inventory.

Purchasing the Blue Fang Knife:

Once you have located the Blue Fang Knife, check its price tag. The Blue Fang Knife is available for purchase at a price of 26,289 Eurodollars. Ensure that you have enough funds to make the purchase, as this legendary weapon is well worth the investment. If you are short on funds, consider completing side quests or missions to earn the necessary Eurodollars.

Understanding its Combat Effects:

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The Blue Fang Knife is renowned for its impressive combat effects, making it a formidable weapon of choice. Understanding these effects will help you utilize the weapon to its full potential. Here are some key details:

  • Headshot Damage Multiplier: The Blue Fang Knife grants you a headshot damage multiplier of 150%. This means that when you land a headshot, you can deal devastating blows to your enemies, ensuring quick and efficient takedowns.
  • Bleeding Chance: In addition to its raw damage, the Blue Fang Knife has a +15% chance of inflicting bleeding on your targets. This adds an extra layer of damage over time, giving you an advantage in prolonged engagements.
  • Poison Chance: The Blue Fang Knife also boasts a +45% chance of poisoning your foes. This venomous effect will slowly drain your enemies' health, making them suffer as they succumb to the knife's toxic properties.

Utilizing Stealth and Stun Perks:

One of the standout features of the Blue Fang Knife is its ability to stun enemies. This perk makes it ideal for stealthy approaches and taking down opponents silently. Sneak up on unsuspecting enemies and deliver a swift, stunning blow with the Blue Fang Knife. This weapon truly shines in stealth-focused playstyles.

Exploring Throwing-Knife Builds:

If throwing knives are more your style, rejoice! The Blue Fang Knife is throw-friendly, allowing you to build a playstyle focused on ranged attacks. Invest points in attributes such as Reflexes, Handguns, and Blades to enhance your throwing knife abilities. With the Blue Fang Knife in hand, you can become a deadly force from a distance, dispatching enemies with precision and finesse.

Becoming a Silent Assassin:

For those who prefer a silent approach, investing points in the Cool attribute will enhance your stealth abilities. Combine this with the Blue Fang Knife's poison effects, and you'll become an unstoppable silent assassin armed with a legendary weapon. Sneak through the shadows, poison your enemies, and leave no trace behind as you complete your missions with deadly efficiency.

Upgrading and Mechanics:

To maximize the potential of your Blue Fang Knife, consider upgrading it using available resources and crafting materials. Experiment with different mods to further enhance its combat capabilities. You can dismantle other weapons or find crafting materials scattered throughout Night City to improve your Blue Fang Knife. Don't be afraid to tinker and tailor the weapon to suit your playstyle.

With its sleek appearance and deadly combat effects, the Blue Fang Knife is undoubtedly an invaluable companion throughout your Cyberpunk 2077 journey. By following our guide, you can locate the vendor in Jackson Plains and secure this legendary weapon for yourself. Whether you prefer stealthy assassinations or throwing knives from a distance, the Blue Fang Knife has you covered. So, gear up, venture into Night City, and make the Blue Fang Knife your weapon of choice. Happy hunting!

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