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Cyberpunk 2077 continues to give what to do, and therefore we indicate where to find all the hidden gems of Kabuki, let's see.

What are the hidden kabuki gems in Cyberpunk 2077?

 These are simply necessary elements that usually contain information related to the story, specifically certain fragments, some hustles have arrived in order to keep V in action, so it becomes necessary to know where to find all the hidden gems of Kabuki, the detail of these are that they do not usually appear randomly, which makes it necessary to leave the area where we are and re-enter again after 24 hours, but it is part of an interesting way to play.

Where to find all the hidden gems of Kabuki in Cyberpunk 2077?

The number of gems that we must find is 13 and these do not usually contain a name, so let's not talk so much and go straight to action:

 Gem 1:
This hidden gem is usually found behind a garbage container on the right side of the stairs, to get to it is necessary to take charge of completing the concert of "Gun For Hire Woman of La Mancha", after that we must go to the kabuki food stall where the corpse that is hidden under the garbage bags is usually found and choose to take the loot where the gem is.

 Gem 2: this leads us to have to mobilize to the top floor in the Kabuki market in order to loot a body from a container and choose to take the reward from it, because knowing where to find all the hidden Kabuki gems is an interesting task that keeps us in action, in this sense before taking this gem it is necessary to have completed "The Woman of La Mancha" in addition to knowing the location of Ana Hamil.

 Gem 3: we continue our journey in the search to know where to find all the hidden gems of Kabuki and this brings us nearby on the kabuki highway, we must choose to loot another body that is usually thrown and contains various particular objects among which usually find this gem of Cyberpunk 2077, to get to it is only necessary to move to the homeless camp.

 Gem 4: This is usually found next to some scaffolding and its respective location is usually on the shore of the beach where there is a corpse that we must loot, in addition to climbing the scaffolding for more loot.

 Gem 5: this search to know where to find all the hidden gems of Kabuki specifically leads us to scale a building, the radio tower with a satellite, there in the coma there is a corpse that we must loot, only that it will be necessary to face some enemies during our climb, so it is vital to be prepared to climb in addition to being properly armed, since it is only necessary to make some effort to reach this gem.
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Gem 6: this is usually hidden in a safe between two storage containers in Cyberpunk 2077, for this it is necessary to go to the clothing store northeast of kabuki, there to choose to loot and take the gem.

Gem 7: this is usually obtained specifically underwater next to a car, also in the same location there is a bag behind the car that we can perfectly well take, because this search to know where to find all the hidden gems of Kabuki makes us have to have completed the "Assault in progress" , and from there choose to travel quickly to Allen Sur street, we proceed to move north and locate the staircase that goes down to the water at Cyberpunk 2077.

 Gem 8: we continue our journey through Cyberpunk 2077 and this time we must take care of looting a corpse in the open air in a building that usually contains a tin roof, it is vital to avoid receiving any damage, to get to this place it is necessary to jump from a bridge which implies taking the bridge that goes between kabuki and Japantown because with this we managed to find the building and reach the objective.

 Gem 9: knowing where to find all the hidden gems of Kabuki leads us to locate this one, which makes us loot the corpse that is on the sofa, but to get to it is necessary to leave the location of the previous gem, for this it will be It is vital to leave to the left and choose to take the long stairs in order to reach the improved shelters where we enter one of them to find the respective corpse.

 Gem 10: This piece of Cyberpunk 2077 is where a body with a golden jacket is usually found, this vest is usually reinforced with two-layer polyamide rocks and is part of the booty that contains said gem, to find it is necessary to quickly mobilize to “Bellvue Overwalk ” And from there go south where we will get a ladder that takes us to another overwalk, we just have to take care of climbing the stairs to get to where the body is with said jacket.

 Gem 11: this gem must be looted from a woman who usually contains a number of objects, she is dead in a room and to get to her, it is necessary to move to Allen Sur street, once there we must locate the hidden fire escape between two buildings, as soon as we get to the branching path we are allowed to locate the woman who has our loot at Cyberpunk 2077.

 Gem 12:
to know where to find all the hidden gems of Kabuki we must consider working a little and this makes us leave the location of the previous gem to start the search for this gem, this leads us to mobilize a little ahead where we will see a drone and our The task is to knock him down. Once we do it, we go to it and choose to open the door to access the body that is inside and take our loot.

 Gem 13: this is the last one that we must get in this Cyberpunk 2077 location, we must take care of looting next to the giant metal pipe, for this we must move quickly to Pinewood Street South, choose to go down the ladder to go to the water, there we observe a small opening between two pieces of graphite metal where we enter to reach the objective.

Now that you know where to find all the hidden gems of Kabuki, it is time for you to take a tour of this area and thus get more loot in Cyberpunk 2077.

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