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There are some interesting details in Cyberpunk 2077 and this allows us to tell you how to change implants, let's see.

What are implants in Cyberpunk 2077 for?

It is important to be clear that this game offers us the possibility of having cybernetic implants in V's body, which makes us contemplate the opportunity to have some considerable advantages because these are excellent in improving both physical and hacking skills Therefore, our work makes us choose to visit the Ripperdoc since it is the place where they usually settle and change in the same way.
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    How to change implants in Cyberpunk 2077?

    Our work is carried out regularly in the night city, and it is clearly necessary to be properly equipped with many things because, in this sense, it is necessary to choose to change implants. After all, as we buy new ones there is the possibility of placing them and with it comes the change of the previous ones, to which in a way it is possible to take advantage of them since we can choose to sell them to the Ripperdoc.

    To change implants it is necessary:

    •  Press the View button on Xbox, or press the touchpad on PS.
    • Then choose to hover over the character option with the cursor to select Cyberware.
    • Once this has been done, it is possible to observe the implants that are currently installed in V.
    • Next, we pass the cursor over the said implant that we are interested in changing.
    • We proceed to press the X or A button to choose the implant that we will change and that's it.

     Now that you know how to change implants, it is time that you try to do it because Cyberpunk 2077 simply has a lot to offer us, where changes play a fundamental role.

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