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2020-12-15 09:45:27

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On this occasion we return with a BitLife guide, aiming to explain how to complete the Joker challenge.

What to know about the Joker challenge in BitLife?

It is a new weekly challenge available, where 5 requirements are required for this to be completed, where these go through the fact of being a man, a clown, robbing a bank with a rope, killing 6 or more people and escaping in more of 3 occasions of a prison, taking into account these indications about this challenge, we will see in the next content the necessary details to understand How to complete the Joker challenge, so let's pay attention from this point below.

How to complete the Joker challenge in BitLife?

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What we will do is have a life as a man, being the easiest of all, and then becoming the Joker, then we have to go through the fact of being a clown, being necessary the minimum age of 18 to access a job, which takes us to the tab of the available occupations to find a job in this specific area, this may take us a few attempts until we achieve it at the end, once we find the clown job, it is required to carry out a robbery to a bench with a simple rope, where we will start by going to the crimes tab and choose the option, our weapon and we will arrive at the rope, in case the option is not presented we must wait until it is like that.

The next thing is to look in the murder section to kill people, which leads us to this requirement to meet it at least 6 times, and at this point it does not matter if our clown job ends, then we possibly end up in jail, being It is necessary to escape from this in 3 opportunities to complete the challenge, that is where the prison tab enters and the option that is presented of escape, you have to complete a puzzle to do it and this must be done 3 times in order to have Completed the challenge in its entirety.

Now that you know how to complete the Joker challenge, just do it and keep progressing in this interesting BitLife.

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