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Unlock the secret to How to get Axolotl in Cyberpunk 2077. Dive into our guide for tips.

Are you eager to get your hands on the Tier 5 Iconic Axolotl Frontal Cortex in Cyberpunk 2077? Look no further! In this guide, we'll walk you through two methods of obtaining this powerful cyberware. So let's dive right in and help you upgrade V's brain!

Method 1: Completing Gigs for Regina Jones

To start, make sure you've reached Act 1 in the game. This method requires you to explore the Watson region of Night City's map to find gigs assigned by fixer Regina Jones. Regina Jones is a prominent fixer in the city and has various tasks for you to complete.

Complete all 23 gigs given by Regina Jones in this area. These gigs will involve a wide range of activities, such as combat, stealth, and hacking. As you progress through these gigs, you'll not only earn experience and rewards but also gain reputation with Regina Jones.

After completing these gigs, Regina Jones will contact you with a final side quest called "Last Call." This quest will be marked on your map, and you can track it to easily find your way. Head back to V's apartment to continue the questline.

Finding the Axolotl:

Once you're at V's apartment, search for the Tier 5 Iconic Axolotl. You'll find it stored there, waiting for you to claim it. The Tier 5 Iconic Axolotl is a highly sought-after cyberware that enhances V's cognitive abilities, granting them a significant advantage in combat and hacking.

Transfer the Tier 5 Iconic Axolotl from storage to your inventory. This can be done by interacting with the storage device in V's apartment. Once you've transferred it, you'll be ready to install it in V's frontal cortex.


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Visit a Ripperdoc of your choice. Ripperdocs are specialized cyberware vendors who can install and upgrade cyberware in Night City. There are several Ripperdocs scattered throughout the city, so choose the one that is most convenient for you.

Once you've found a Ripperdoc, interact with them and browse their inventory. Look for the Tier 5 Iconic Axolotl Frontal Cortex in their stock. Purchase it and proceed with the installation process. The Ripperdoc will perform the necessary procedures to integrate the cyberware into V's frontal cortex.

Method 2: Buying from a Ripperdoc near EBM Petrochem Stadium

Another way to obtain the Axolotl is by purchasing it directly from a Ripperdoc located near the EBM Petrochem Stadium fast-travel point in Dogtown. This Ripperdoc is known for offering high-quality cyberware, and the Axolotl is one of their featured products.

This variant of the Axolotl is classified as Tier 4 and offers a -9% cooldown. While slightly lower than the variant obtained through Regina Jones' gigs, it is still a powerful upgrade for V's frontal cortex. If you prefer to avoid completing all the gigs, this method provides a more straightforward way to obtain the cyberware.


It's worth noting that there is a slight difference between the two variants mentioned above. The Axolotl obtained via Regina Jones' gigs has a -10.5% cooldown, while the one sold by the Ripperdoc near EBM Petrochem Stadium has a -9% cooldown. The difference may not be significant for some players, but min-maxers might prefer the higher cooldown reduction.

Now you know two ways to obtain the Axolotl in Cyberpunk 2077! Whether you prefer completing gigs for Regina Jones or purchasing it from a Ripperdoc, you'll have this powerful cyberware at your disposal. Enhance V's abilities and enjoy exploring Night City with your upgraded brain! Please note that game mechanics and content may change over time with updates and patches. Make sure to check for any changes or additions related to the Axolotl in Cyberpunk 2077. Happy gaming!

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