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Find out how to level up my skills in this excellent and explanatory Cyber Shadow guide.

What to know about Cyber Shadow?

We will have a group of skills for our character under control, which will not be useful to overcome the different obstacles on our way, managing to obtain tools of destruction, but the skills can be improved after obtaining them, but it is necessary to know how to level up my skills and here it will be explained in detail in the following content.

How do I level up my skills in Cyber Shadow?

 We must have progressed until we beat the boss of chapter 7, which leads us to a dragon statue with which we must interact to go to another area, here we will see a giant dragon that looks like a snake, which explains that we are the hope of survival, but we require greater power, so this dragon will improve our current abilities to the most powerful, even a single attack button pressed will allow us to charge them
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    • It is possible to cast an electrified Kunai instead of a shuriken
    • The rising fire will have a greater range, power and number of projectiles despite being the same movement
    • The air strike remains the same as before, only that the blade can be overloaded, achieving a greater force field when falling
    • We can jump twice with the hit on the wall
    • Our main attack can be charged to deal more damage
    • We have the homing ability that allows us to have a greater number of projectiles when the cutting wave of the orb created after facing an attack leaves.
    • At the end of the attack we will leave a copy of ourselves with which we cause additional damage to the enemy

    This is all we have to consider on How to level up my skills, hoping that you can continue to have fun at Cyber Shadow

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