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This time we come back with a The Medium guide, aiming to explain how to skip dialogue and cut scenes.

What to know about The Medium?

Throughout this story we are going to find endless cutscenes and dialogues, considering that with Marianne it is possible to speak with the spirits that allow us to reach the dark secrets and secrets of the Niwa complex, then it is possible to see how to skip dialogues and scenes and for this we will see the following content.

How to skip dialogue and scenes in The Medium?

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    We will do it on the Xbox One by holding down the B, which allows an icon to appear in the lower right corner of our screen that will fill up while we hold down said button, when it is completed the scene jump occurs returning to action With the same button we can also skip the dialogues, for each time we press it, a line is skipped, instead at the end of the game where the credits are presented, they can be skipped with any button, although there are some secrets that they can bring with them post credits scenes.

    Now that you know how to skip dialogue and scenes, just do it and keep enjoying The Medium.

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    28 January 2021
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