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If you want to know how to solve globe puzzle in The Medium, you are in the right place because it will be covered in details in this guide.

What to know about the balloon puzzle in The Medium?

It is one of the most complicated to do, because there are no clues that lead us to its solution, when we get a missing piece of it in the opposite room is when we approach it to interact with the X and then enter the spiritual world with the A, which allows us to put the remaining piece on it, only that it has to be in a correct order but without a clue or anything here is when the matter gets complicated, I feel it necessary that we know how to solve a globe puzzle, we will be able to orient ourselves with the content that comes later, let's see.

How to solve globe puzzle in The Medium?

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    The first thing to consider is that the pieces have to do with a different easy feature, be it eyes, nose and mouth, in this way we have a key clue that allows us to order it correctly, the eyes must be at the top, the nose at the top. Center and in the lower part of the mouth, without spaces between them, we have to put them, when we interact with each of the pieces, we will see that two move up or down, it is necessary to consider said movement when interacting, this puzzle is resembles a face.

    • The eyes: these will move up and the mouth down
    • The nose: this will move up and the eyes down
    • The mouth: moves up and the nose down

    This is all the details on How to solve globe puzzle, you just have to apply them, and we can continue to progress in The Medium.

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