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The tasks in Cyber Shadow do not stop, and therefore it is convenient to tell you how to get all the elements.

What are the elements in Cyber Shadow?

 These are nothing more than necessary objects that we usually require, the detail is that we must be careful when obtaining them because they tend to destroy themselves when they hit us and that makes us have to look for them again, without being able to avoid the one we have at the moment, so that we know how obtaining all the elements is a meticulous but favorable task, since we must manage to become a calm, agile person and dressed in black, that is to say, a ninja.

How to get all elements in Cyber Shadow?

 There are two particular ways to get them, and they always tend to occur in the middle of the level, the first time the control point will be given to us for free, then it will be necessary to pay it in Cyber Shadow, and it is given in this way:

  •  Destroying boxes or parts of the environment.
  • Synthesizing objects from control points, each of these points contains an object that can be created when we manage to introduce around 20 or 50 in-game coins.

 Next we leave a list of the objects that we can get in this game, and they are:
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    Swag Blade: this object is achieved by turning around and damaging enemies while moving, as it is favorable for large Shuriken to see the need to fly away towards enemies, as this object is fantastic which makes you know Getting all the items actually is a fascinating task.

     Extend the sheet: it is only necessary to take care of extending the reach of the shadow, as this object is actually usually what it seems.

     Charge blaster: It is necessary to understand that there are three levels in Cyber Shadow, the first is a shot, the second usually shoots two projectiles and the third level combines the two previous executions to form three projectiles, it is necessary to clarify that this type of shots is usually made in a straight line, and we can get the object floating, to take it is necessary to press the attack button.

     Field E: this object is usually presented as a type of weapon with which it is necessary to shoot just by pressing the attack button and after a few seconds it regenerates again, this object is ideal to protect the shadow of a large part of the projectiles.

     SP dispenser: it is necessary to understand that this object is not always full, because with it, we are allowed to restore the spirit meter, we must consider that it is a vital object in this search to know how to obtain all the elements because it allows us throw shurikens, execute fast and elegant attacks, as well as choose to throw fireballs.

     None: we usually get this element floating, and it has the ability to fire projectiles at Cyber Shadow, as it will choose to shoot enemies that may be nearby whenever we are looking at them.

     Orbiter: This object usually surrounds Shadow with a ring that has 8 small orbs, these when coming into contact with the enemy allow it to be eliminated or damaged, it is vital to use this element wisely, because although it is true this is usually highly tool can wear out, it regenerates, but this will take some time.

     Recuperator: this object offers us advantages and disadvantages, because for this it is necessary to understand that empty rooms are not usually favorable when the spirit meter is low, since this is a PE dispenser and this allows us to have the possibility of absorbing the projectiles from enemies to turn them into spirit.

     In this sense, knowing how to obtain all the elements allows us to get hold of some vital objects to progress in Cyber Shadow, try it.

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