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Find out how to get into the hotel in this excellent and explanatory The Medium guide.

What to know about The Medium?

In Poland is the Niwa complex, which we propose to explore once Marianne has received a strange call from a man, once we enter said complex and go through the forest we will arrive at a hotel, but its doors are closed, so we must find a way to enter, which makes the content of this guide important when talking about how to get into the hotel, let's go ahead for the details.

How to get into the hotel in The Medium?

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We find a door where the garbage containers are, which is to the right of the main entrance, through this door we must enter even though it is locked, what we will do is return to go down the ramps and at the end we will go to the left to find an abandoned car, when interacting with the side of this we will notice its interior, we have to investigate until we open the trunk, we get an achievement postcard and to open the trunk we will press the button near the steering wheel, where We'll get a screwdriver that we can use to open the door of the dumpster.

We then return to the door of the container to interact with the one that is closest to the front windows to push it out of the door, until we cannot reach the cornice of the hotel entrance, then we will climb on top of this container, and we reached the ledge to access through the window that is broken, which allows us to be inside the hotel and continue our journey.

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28 January 2021
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