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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-12-03 04:51:07

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Guide to learn how to beat the Red Widow in Chronos Behind the Ashes

  One of the most difficult fights to face is the Red Widow in Chronos Behind the Ashes has a variety of lethal attacks that can easily end your life. Before even getting into a fight with the boss, you have to deal with two of her subordinates which can leave you a bit drained. Because of this and more we have created this guide to help you how to beat the Red Widow in the game. Stay for the details!
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How to beat the Red Widow in Chronos Behind the Ashes?

Eventually that you find yourself advancing in the story you will have your encounter with the Black Widow and as we mentioned at the beginning of the guide, as soon as you are in the place, you will be attacked by two enemies. They are in moderate health and are not that difficult to beat. To cut your work, hold the shield.

If you want to start the battle with the boss then you will have to defeat said minions first and then the battle will start. Red Widow's attacks may seem fast, but they are easy to dodge.

The boos are very agile and will jump a lot during the fight, making it a bit challenging to launch your own attacks. When you jump, use the shield to block attacks or just get out of the way.

To attack it you will have to alternate your attacks with your defense because at the beginning it is difficult to inflict damage on it, but do not worry that you will always have opportunities to attack it. Eventually, her health bar will drop and things will get a bit serious from here as she introduces a new attack with the lightning combo.

So far it has been seen that the Red Widow only uses the beam when you are far away, so avoid the beam attack by not straying too far from her. When she starts jumping, that's your clue to dodge her attack and use the dragon stone boost.

In this fucking of the battle you can easily defeat the Red Widow by attacking her with the previous strategy and, finally, with a coup de grace you will end her life bar and obtain the victory you want so much.

 Now that you know how to beat the Red Widow in Chronos Behind the Ashes you can advance considerably in the story and get interesting rewards for this victory that will serve you later in the game. Luck!

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