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Today we bring you a Chronos Before Ashes guide where we are going to talk to you about How to get Rare Dragon Shards

What are rare dragon shards in Chronos Before Ashes?

  These are simply some necessary objects that we must obtain and they work as a necessary item to choose to make improvements in weapons because knowing how to obtain rare dragon Shards is something complex because it leads us to face some enemies that can be formidable so that It is necessary to take care of having the necessary armor.

Our weapons in Chronos Before Ashes require a certain amount of fragments and these are:


  •       Normal Dragon Shards.
  •     Rare Dragon Shards.

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    How to get Rare Dragon Shards in Chronos Before Ashes?

    The best strategy we can use is to look for them ourselves, in such a way that it is necessary to focus on using normal dragon Shards and these to be able to incorporate oil that we can perfectly obtain in the places where the dragon inscription chests are usually because it is precisely this oil a necessary drop. After all, for this, it is worth noting that there is more than one dragon material to look for.

    Dragon materials are usually collected and combined like this:

    •  It is necessary to kill the cyclops while it is wandering near the Golem, which makes us get our first oil material in Chronos Before Ashes.
    • The second material of dragon oil leads us to have to open a box to get it since it is usually found in the inventory.
    • We continue our journey to know how to obtain rare dragon fragments and this leads us to achieve that it can fall from a strong enemy with which we get when we reach the Jungle World.
    • Now, with this dragon oil, we are allowed to have the possibility of combining them just by opening the inventory and choosing to highlight Dragon Oil.
    • To get the rare dragon Shard, all you have to do is select the dragon Shards or the dragon oil, from there it can be used to make the respective improvements to our weapons.
    • It should be noted that when we are close enough to the end of Chronos Before Ashes we are given the possibility of obtaining rare dragon Shards, in such a way that it becomes necessary to fight with some strong enemies that can be quite difficult to defeat.


    In general, terms, knowing how to get rare dragon fragments will lead us to fight for objects necessary to improve weapons in Chronos Before Ashes.

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