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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-17 16:05:37

More about: Call of Duty Warzone Pacific

The tasks continue to be given continuously in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific, let's see How to pilot the Bomber Plane.

Exactly what is the Bomber Plane in Cal of Duty Warzone Pacific?

This is just one of the vehicles that has been recently incorporated into season 2 of this game and that we are allowed to use, so piloting it offers us the possibility of making terror happen from above because this it is a true war machine that is at our complete disposal.

How to fly the Bomber Plane in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific?

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To find nothing else we must go to the airfields and the runways in some places in Caldera, with these planes we are allowed to do considerable damage because they have the ability to destroy enemy vehicles without any difficulty, but this That's not all, because these planes have the ability to target Loadout Drops.

There are some particular places where it allows us to land quickly, but remember that it is vital to be careful because we will not be the only ones doing it, there are more who are in the same task, so we must always be one step ahead and land to proceed. to loot the bomber plane, in case we cannot do it, we must stay here while another one appears, only we must be prepared with weapons because the number of players who want the plane is large.

Here are the places where we can land to look for the bomber plane:


  •  airfields.
  • Arsenal.
  • fields.
  • mines.
  • Landing track.


 Now, piloting the bomber plane is quite easy, for this we must drop around four bombs at our opponents while the plane is in the air, as time goes by these bombs recharge and offer us the ability to destroy other vehicles in an easy way.

The bomber plane has weaknesses and in the event of encountering a fighter plane, we will undoubtedly fall in this combat, that is, it is necessary to avoid them.

 This is all you need to know about How to fly the Bomber Plane, so we invite you to take all the precautions to be able to take advantage of this aerial vehicle in Cal of Duty Warzone Pacific.

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