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Lidia Rozo
2020-06-18 20:34:17

More about: Call of Duty Warzone - Modern Warfare

Today we made a Call of Duty Warzone - Modern Warfare guide in order to explain How to get the dismemberment of Cryo

What is Cryo dismemberment in Call of Duty Warzone - Modern Warfare?

This is simply an effect that we can achieve in this game, this is part of our collection and we can achieve it with a weapon, as this gives us very interesting effects that enemies feel cold when we shoot them with an equipped effects weapon.

How to get the dismemberment of Cryo in Call of Duty Warzone - Modern Warfare?

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This effect is easily attached to some Wendigo weapons and this implies some interesting characteristics, as this implies having a weapon from the healing plan of Psychosis and the plan of the Manifesto of Evil Striker 45, a whole well-completed team to which it is Possible to obtain in the store for 2,400 COD points, these weapons have interesting potential, as they often freeze enemies, and make them succeed in the turns of the pieces which makes them quite attractive.

Whichever weapon we can get this effect that adds some excitement to this game, only that the only way to get it is in the planes of Psychosis, and in Wendigo, but in any case, it doesn't matter how we really get it. what matters is the effect we can achieve in relation to the enemies.

In general terms, knowing How to get the dismemberment of Cryo simply allows us to have more emotion in this game than just the bloody deaths of Call of Duty Warzone - Modern Warfare.

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