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Call of Duty Modern Warfare keeps giving us work and this leads us to explain how to get Saw Clown Skin, let's see.

What is the Saw Clown Skin in Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

 As time goes by, this game allows us the possibility of having some cosmetic items, and precisely this includes a skin to celebrate Halloween, which allows us to have the opportunity to explain how to get Saw Clown Skin, based specifically on Billy and that in a way will bring some kind of resources to those who are fans of Saw, this in order to give a particular touch to this game and something of fantasy simultaneously.


How to get Saw Clown Skin in Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

 It is necessary to consider that everything is clearly related to a package that has the cost of 2400 CoD points, since this is its respective cost and it allows us to get this amount of points either with real money or simply using the profits that we have managed to achieve in the Battle pass, in any case it is necessary to buy it in Modern Warfare beating or in the Warzone store, it is still important to understand that we do not have more details about this package, or the operator who will be in charge of using it, but what if we can say is that it will give us an interesting and terrifying moment.
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This is what Saw Clown Skin pack contains:

  •  Phlebotomist who is a combat knife.
  • Let's play a game that is a Charm.
  • Billy who is the legendary operated skin.
  • Confession that it is CR-56 AMAX work plan.
  • The calling card.
  • The choice is yours which is an Emblem.
  • Train of pain that is the truck skin.
  • Spiral cut that is Spray.
  • Death trap that is model 680 of the work plan.
  • Play me, it's a sticker.


 In addition to the mentioned package, it is possible to receive another package, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre that has a value of 2400 CoD points and that aims to add a little more horror to the game, in addition to considering that these are merely cosmetic, which does not represent any type of article that can allow us to make some kind of improvement, it is possible to use them in almost all game modes except a single player campaign and these are the following:


  •  Family Heritage: FiNN LMG Work Plan.
  • Meat Grinder - Contains a combat knife plan.
  • Leather Face Crawler Skin - This is a Legendary Operator skin.
  • Familiar face: it is a sticker.
  • Keychain that is a charm.
  • Buzz kill: MP5 Roadmap.
  • Nightmare Fuel - This is a spray.
  • Assassin portrait: it is an emblem.
  • The screamer: it is a vehicle horn.
  • Verdansk Chainsaw Massacre - It's a calling card.

 This is all you need to know about How to get Saw Clown Skin, because even if it sounds a bit creepy it can be ideal for this Halloween season and Call of Duty Modern Warfare seems to include some interesting things.

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