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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-19 17:02:57

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We have made for you a Aquanox guide in order to explain how to make more money

What do we need to get more money in Aquanox?

Without a doubt, this is a necessary task, especially since it becomes a matter of extreme necessity, and in reality it is not simple enough, but in some way it helps us to fulfill the necessary needs as well as the ability to buy some weapons. , in such a way that we will embark on secondary missions that must be completed, in the same way it is possible to choose to sell materials and find some rewards.

How to make more money in Aquanox?

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It should be noted that the sub-improvements and the duplication of the weapons do not make us spend so much money, which in a way is favorable, but in some way it is necessary to spend our money they are wisdom, since getting it is not very simple, which It leads us to consider the possibility of accumulating some amount of credits, as this allows us, among other things, to get money when we go to visit the docks, because there we can complete an activity that can offer us some type of reward, in fact if we are lost we can to return when we consider it necessary to these places and get money.

Selling materials is also emerging as an alternative to get money and perhaps it is the easiest with which we get here, because it is only a matter of looking for the materials and these can be frequent, since some we can find them from the enemies who are dead in the purple gears, however, no matter how easy this task is, it is not the most recommended, and this is because some of these materials could be needed to make some kind of improvements for: The submarine.

  • The armor.
  • Shields.
  • Manufacture ammunition.

In this sense, knowing how to make more money is an interesting task that we can perform in Aquanox and that allows us to act with a certain degree of intelligence considering our greatest benefit.

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