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2022-11-25 10:41:12

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Getting errors is normal in games, let's see How to fix Modern Warfare 2 binding failure You are on a different version.

What is Modern Warfare 2 join failure Are you on a different version?

 This is another of the problems with which it is necessary to overcome in this game and that comes to join the long list that we have achieved, as we progress we manage to solve them, in this case it is necessary to know How to fix the union error of Modern Warfare 2 2 You are in a different version, this considering that it is an inconvenience that may be related to the connection or the server, whatever the case, we have some solutions that can be executed and we are going to talk about this topic here.

How to fix Modern Warfare 2 join failure Are you on a different version?

 This error makes connecting with friends difficult, when doing so we stumbled upon the error, this may be because we may not count, are the system updated, or perhaps the game version is not the same for everyone, whatever the case may be. We must take care of applying some of the corrections that we detail here.


 Choose to update the version of the game: this is a necessary task to execute because many times errors can occur due to having outdated versions of the game, to execute it we must:

 on PC.

  •  Go to Steam or and load the client to proceed to click on the game icon.
  • Then, we will see the Update button and if there is any pending update, we click on it and wait until the update files are downloaded to start the game.


 In case of being playing on PS4 or PS5 we must:

  •  Highlight the game thumbnail and then proceed to press the Options button.
  • Then, we will look for Updates and if there are any, we will follow the instructions on the console to download them.

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In the case of the Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S.


  •  We must close the game to highlight the game thumbnail.
  • Then we go to Manage Game and Add-ons to check if there are any updates with the download size.
  • We must confirm by clicking Update and enable automatic updates in the games.


 To update the PS4, PS5 console:


  •  Go to Playstation to move to Settings.
  • Then, we will go to System and from there to System Software.
  • Next, we go to Console information and under the system version see "updated"


 On the Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S we must:


  •  Press the Xbox button on the controller to proceed to select Profile.
  • Then we select Settings and then System.
  • Then, we select Updates, there we will see if any are available or not.


 This is all we know about how to fix Modern Warfare 2 join failure. You're on a different version, so we invite you to apply these fixes and you're good to go.

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