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Angel Marquez
2020-10-19 16:50:51

More about: Ghost of Tsushima Legends

Ghost of Tsushima Legends is very busy, so it will take us to discover how to play with friends.

What to know about playing with friends in Ghost of Tsushima Legends?

  Due to the recent update being able to play with friends is possible, due to the arrival of multiplayer as an outstanding fact that we will be able to try to face survival missions that have similarities to the mythology of Japan, now there are many things to know and among which is the fact of How to play with friends, to find out we will have the next content of this guide, let's follow it.
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How to play with friends in Ghost of Tsushima Legends?

  We will have the option on the main menu screen that indicates legends, entering here we arrive at the multiplayer mode that arrived with update 1.12 that has 9GB weight, we have to pass 4 tutorial missions after an introduction passes to see all the classes that we can play, where the Samurai, Ronin, Assassin and Hunter are presented, after this we come to the main menu to make the choice of the different missions, we can customize our character and also play with friends from the PSN online, we just have to enter the option that says social in the menu, we look for friends to invite and finally we press the X to invite them, taking into account a maximum of 4 players can play with us in survival mode, but if they are story missions, maximum 2 .

  It is evident that knowing how to play with friends allows us to have more fun in Ghost of Tsushima Legends.

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