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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-28 13:59:00

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We are close to Halloween and Call of Duty Modern Warfare allows us to opt for changes for which it is good to know how to get the Azrael ghost Skin

What is Azrael's Phantom Skin in Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

We are immersed in an event that allows us to choose to get a Skin, only that this is outside the real world currency and is clearly outside the Trick of Treat supply boxes, which allows us to understand that this usually sees by an extremely limited time, so our objective to know how to get the Azrael ghost Skin makes us embark on an interesting search for this time of Halloween, being the only holiday that will allow us to get it, and that this can become an interesting and not be overshadowed by previous styles.

How to get the Azrael Ghost Skin in Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

It is necessary to stay on the spooky theme, because Halloween has always been this way, in addition to having the possibility of getting the reaper to get some number of clean kills, this skin comes in a package that ranges around 19 , 99 dollars which means at least 2400 COD points and is called Ghost Grim Reaper, it is necessary to buy it in the store.

This Skin simply allows us to opt for clothing of death, without neglecting weapons such as the FAL, which if necessary is that we must buy it right now because a pass has concluded on Halloween we simply will not have any other option, besides being ideal for accumulate some deaths as a ghost which allows us to put an interesting spin on this game.
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This package brings us:

  • FAL Blueprint: He is a legendary weapons rapist.
  • Azrael: is the legendary ghost skin.
  • Knife plane: it is a legendary sickle.
  • Epic sight card for Hades.
  • An epic vision spray.
  • ISO plane for the legendary purgatory.
  • Epic phantom sophistry for hard lines.
  • Epic emblem for the specter of death.
  • The epic reaper weapon charm.

Definitely, Call of Duty Modern Warfare does not stop surprising us and it is about time that you try to go for your style, because with this guide on How to get the Azrael ghost Skin you can easily achieve it.

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