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Angel Marquez
2020-10-22 15:00:06

More about: Call of Duty warzone

Today we bring you a guide to the Zombie Royale mode in which we will talk about Call of Duty warzone.

What to know about the Zombie Royale mode in Call of Duty warzone?

It is a new modality that is added to the game due to the special Halloween event, bringing with it the zombies with an outstanding function, if we want to know more about it, we must especially consider the content of this guide to the Zombie Royale mode, Let's look at it carefully then.

How to play in Zombie Royale mode in Call of Duty warzone?

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It is necessary that we go in the lobby to the main menu, then we will have a tile that indicates the Zombie Royale, this is in the place that normally we enter the royalty of the battle, when selecting the tab it will be enough and it will load the game with the number of players that we want to have in our team, considering that this will not be permanently in this mode, since it will disappear from the menu when the event comes to an end, at the beginning we will have to see the normal of the game in battle royalty This will change drastically, the moment we die we will not go to the Gulag, we will be spawned in this mode as a Zombie, without it being possible to take up weapons and use them, with the capabilities that zombies have, such as speed, jumps, powerful melee attacks and thermal vision, despite all these aspects it does not mean that we have an advantage, when we die in this state we are going to drop a syringe, if we collect 2 of these it is possible to return r as an operator once we have come back to life as a zombie and die again, to win at least one of our companions must remain human.

In this way we finalize the guide to the Zombie Royale mode, now it is possible to enjoy more of a game as moved as Call of Duty warzone.

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