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This article is for those who have asked us how to get an unreal test of Whorleater in Final Fantasy XIV, here you will find everything and more.

What are Whorleater tests on Final Fantasy XIV?

This is an item that you will have to find if you really want to unlock Whorleater Unreal, so if you haven't found them yet, this article will tell you how to get a Whorleater Unreal Trial.

How to get a Whorleater unreal proof in Final Fantasy XIV?

The Whorleater Unreal test is attached to the Faux Hollows, an activity that is related to Khloe Aliapoh in Idyllshire, the young woman who runs Wondrous Tails, the sticker book you often forget to hand over.
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It will be necessary to have unlocked Wondrous Tails to gain access to the Faux Hollows, and in Turn the test of Whorleater Unreal.

To unlock Wondrous Tails, you will have to go to Idyllshire and position yourself at level 60 of some kind of combat. The Unctuous Adventurer will help you keep up with the Aliapohs, so you will have to interact with Khloe.

When you can access Wondrous Tails and manage to position yourself at level 80 of some combat class and also complete the Shadowbringers mission, you will be able to interact with the Painfully Ishgardian Man in Idyllshire and access Mr. Faux.

Then you will have to go with Khole and interact with the fox to unlock the Faux Hollows, as well as the Whorleater Unreal trial, for which you will need an item level of 430 without a pre-made group.

To achieve a match for the test, we recommend using the Raid Finder.

By unlocking the Faux Hollows, you will be able to access the latest trial version of Unreal when it launches. But keep in mind that there is only one trial of Unreal available per major patch, so take your predictions.

We hope that after reading this guide on how to get a Whorleater unreal test in Final Fantasy XIV, you manage to get the test and you can move on while still having fun in this adventure.

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