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Everyone is wondering where to find the Synthesis target in Warframe, and in this guide we have covered it all.

Why find the Synthesis target in Warframe?

It is part of the synthesis targets that you will have to scan with the synthesis scanner available from Cephalon Simaris.

Where to find the Synthesis target in Warframe?

First you should know that Cephalon Simaris. It will allow you to find and scan the enemies you need, in a list of locations and missions in which they can be found
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    The enemies are related to certain sets of tiles and can only appear in them and each one, will allow you to access a list of locations of the tile sets and thus access the mission of that location,

    You should know that the synthesis target is not a guaranteed spawn, but it has a great chance to appear.

    After that, players simply need to track it in the level. When they get close enough, a waypoint will appear leading them to the objective, and they can scan it to complete the Cephalon Simaris mission.

    Search the objective in the level until you are close enough and find the waypoint that will take you to it to scan it and complete the mission.

    After reading this guide on where to find the Synthesis target in Warframe, we hope you can find it and get the best out of the game by completing this mission.

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