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At BitLife right now many are wondering how to complete the Brain and Beauty Challenge, which we'll be covering for you today.

What is the Brain and Beauty Challenge in BitLife about?

This is one of the challenges that has just been added to the game with the arrival of a new game week, for this challenge you will have the task of increasing your character's Smarts and Looks statistics as much as possible and for you to complete this challenge faster we will tell you how to complete the Brain and Beauty Challenge.

How to complete the Brain and Beauty Challenge in BitLife?

If you are wondering how to complete the Brain and Beauty Challenge in BitLife, you will have to complete a series of tasks, specifically 5, and we list them below:

  • become a model
  • become a brain surgeon
  • read frankenstein
  • have 100 percent intelligence
  • Have 100 percent appearance

Now this all sounds very easy, but do you know, for example, how to achieve 100 percent intelligence? If you don't know, just keep reading, because we've got all this covered too.

How to complete the Brain and Beauty Challenge in BitLife? - Tasks

Now so that you know how to complete the Brain and Beauty Challenge in BitLife, we have broken down each of the tasks required for this challenge, so that you know what to do to complete it.

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  • Become a model

You can get this by making sure, during middle school and high school, and your character increases their Appearance stat as much as possible. To achieve this you will have to exercise every year, go for walks and make sure you are interested in a school sports activity.

This ensures that your health stats are as high as possible, as well as increasing your appearance.

If you want to speed up the process further, you will have to start from scratch and choose a character that already has a high appearance stat at birth. The next step will be to decide the Foot Model career in the occupation tab, in which you will have to progress little by little as a foot model, until finally becoming a model.

  • Become a brain surgeon

In order to become a brain surgeon, you will have to make sure that your character is smart enough. To achieve this you will have to visit the library regularly, if possible every day and on the days that you cannot go, find a way to read books to learn. It is best to read books when young so that your character has better opportunities at an early age.

When you have the necessary intelligence, you will have to apply to the university selecting the biology or psychology major > complete the four years of university and when you graduate, you will have to go to the Faculty of Medicine another four years.

When you finish medical school, you can apply for a position as a brain surgeon in the medical field.

  • Read frankenstein

During this process, you will have to make sure that your character reads the Frankenstein book. To do this you can select the Mind and Body activity and select the Reserve option, and with a bit of luck you will be able to find the book of Frankenstein. When you find it, you will have to manually select the pages to read it until it is complete.

Achieving 100 percent Looks and Smarts will take some effort, as looks relies on your character to exercise and eat a healthy diet throughout their lives.

As for smarts, you can improve it by reading books and visiting the library or trying the memory test.

Again, at a younger age, this will allow you to improve your chances of increasing these stats as you age. The good thing is that for the Brains and Beauty Challenge objective you will have to complete both career objectives and read Frankenstein, so if you already completed this objective you will be nowhere near completing the challenge.

That is all you need to know about how to complete the Brain and Beauty Challenge in BitLife, so now that we have reached the end, we hope that you will complete this challenge as quickly as possible.

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