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2022-01-17 18:58:09

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The key to becoming a surgeon is to make your character as smart as possible. This can be done by having him regularly visit the library or read a book every chance he gets. In this way, your Smart's stat will increase.

It will also be important to maintain your high school grades by attending classes and studying hard.

When it's time to enter college, you'll need to apply for a Biology or Psychology degree, two of the degrees that will take you into the medical field. In college, you will need to read as often as possible and study hard to keep your grades up for 4 years.

After college, you'll want to go to Medical School, but you can only do that if your grades are good enough and your character has a high enough intelligence stat. At school, you will have to follow the same reading and study routine for 4 years. After college, you can apply for a position as a brain surgeon at a hospital.

That's all you need to know about becoming a brain surgeon in BitLife, so now that we've reached the end, we hope you'll complete this process quickly to become a brain surgeon.

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