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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-09 17:29:57

More about: Baldur’s Gate 3

We continue in Baldur’s Gate 3 and it is to tell you how to unlock traits, let's see.

What are traits in Baldur’s Gate 3?

  These are not more than a type of specific characteristics, which provide us with a type of interesting effects in this game, because with this it is possible to access additional subclasses, being in themselves necessary and indispensable actions that our character can do, which allows count on the chance to earn XP.
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How to unlock traits in Baldur’s Gate 3?

 This is one of the many actions that we can carry out in this game, because with it we get XP, resistance to damage and movement speed, in fact, here we indicate a list of the traits that are available.

 Mask of the wild: to achieve this trait it is necessary to have a level 1 Wood Goblin, a level 1 half Wood Goblin, it is ideal to improve our stealth skills.

 Base Racial Speed: this trait allows us to have the possibility of moving 9m per lap, for the golden dwarves it has been reduced to 7.5m, with interesting characteristics such as the strong-hearted half-legs, the half-feet of light foot and increase to 10.5m in the case of elves, the requirement to unlock this trait.

  •  Golden dwarf.
  • Shield dwarf.
  • Half elf.
  • Gitthyanki human.
  • High elf
  • To bite.
  • Medium shed.


 Naturally stealthy: This trait allows us to gain skill in stealth and to unlock it, level 1 of medium light foot is necessary.

 Standing Fleet: this trait allows us to get the base's walking speed changed to 10.5m, to unlock it you need the Wood Goblin level 1.

 Strong heart resistance: This trait allows us to gain resistance to damage against poison and to achieve this, level 1 of Strong Heart is necessary.

 Dwarf resistance: this trait allows us to increase our HP by 1 and increase it more and more as we level up, to unlock it, the golden Dwarf of level 1 is necessary.

 Now that you know how to unlock traits, it's time for you to implement it and see how interesting Baldur’s Gate 3 can be

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6 October 2020
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