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We invite you to discover How to Explore the Arcane Tower in the Underdark in Baldur's Gate 3, a new task in this incredible game.

How to explore the Arcane Tower in the Underdark in Baldur's Gate 3?

The first thing we must do is choose a character to run through the turrets. The chances of passing the towers are much greater, especially since many shelters are very narrow. A team member must be as mobile as possible. For example, a monk or barbarian has bonus movement speed, and a rogue like Astarion can dash twice with a smart action. A good jump distance is also useful, as are the Mist Step and Speed Potion spells.

To get past the first two turrets, we need to hide behind the large stalagmite in front of the first tower and then run to the ledge to the right of the stalagmite. We cannot stand upright, but we can use jumps to stand up. After that, we must run towards the statue located directly above the stairs of the second tower. From this point on, your best option will be to jump to the mushrooms located on the shelf behind the second turret. A party member can become the target of attacks from the turret, but we must use the safe shortcut to the turret base. The only problem is that these mushrooms are too far away to reach by jumping if our party members have normal strength. We must make sure to use a strong character or a character with special abilities who can communicate. Another option is to enter the tower and jump on the mushrooms on the ledge south of the building. There are two more secret turrets in the first tower room, but there are also pillars that we can use to avoid being hit. However, the second group of mushrooms is far enough away to cause a lot of fall damage, so we need to take them to the north balcony first.

There's a chest here called the Common Chest, which can make everything inside look like useless junk. One of the "holy grails" in this chest is actually Mystra's Grace, a pair of boots that allow the user to use Feather Fall. This spell will be useful when descending the tower and we can use it and jump directly from the western balcony to the ground.

How to raise towers in Baldur's Gate 3

Behind the tower is a tree with light green leaves. If we get too close to the plant's flowers, they will be trapped in an anti-magic field that prevents casting and, if we pick them up, we will take them with us. The door leading to the tower is closed, but we have a few options. The lock on the door is DC 15 and most of us characters can eventually get through, but there is also a small opening on the south side of the building that a small creature can fit through. We can enter a druid in wild form, such as a rat or a cat, as well as the familiar of a witch or wizard. Once inside, we can turn the lever next to the door to open it. Inside the tower is a large mysterious device with some withered blue petals next to it. That's a clue, as is the "Treatise on the Antimagical Properties of Sussur Flowers" found on a nearby table. To power the tower, we must take one of the Sussur Flowers and place it on the device. Click "Connect" and the turret will turn on and the secret turret will turn off.

Explore the tower in Baldur's Gate 3.

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Continuing on How to Explore the Arcane Tower in the Underdark in Baldur's Gate 3 we can notice a secret door that leads to a staircase just outside the entrance to the base of the tower. The door cannot be opened from the outside, but we have many ways to get there. First, although the door blocks the view of the stairs, there is still enough space on the wooden stairs at the top for the player to use Mist Step and teleport us down. From there, we can pull the lever at the entrance to open the way for everyone. Secondly, by going deeper into the tower, we can find a magic ring called "Guiding Light". When the character equipped with this ring approaches the secret elevator, two new buttons will appear that will allow us to go down to the basement. Another thing we can do on the first floor is open the golden chest next to the teleportation panel to get the "Mysteries Revealed" necklace, which can use Detect Thoughts.

If we enter the basement, we can find a spare supply of Timmascus spores and Tongues of Madness, mushrooms that Omeluum needs to test the tadpoles. We can also obtain the Staff of Arcane Blessing, several magic items, De Hearst's Diary from the golden chest and a vial of Basilisk Oil. Let's make sure to check all the bookshelves in the tower, as many of them hide magical scrolls among the books, the cape on the base is shaped like a mushroom. This is another place where we can find the mushrooms that Omeluum craves. We can also search the shelves on the west wall to find a supply package and a damaged book. You have to read the book to understand the verse.

On the next floor there is an accessible entrance to the tower. We take everything from the normal chest if it is not already empty, and do not lose the scroll of magic armor or the silver cup on the railing. We must also place the dusty book on the north wall of the room. We read one more sentence. In one of the traveler's chests near the door we will find some useful potions, we will go up the stairs again to reach the private room floor. Let's be sure to check all the shelves for scrolls, and on the south wall is a chest containing gold and potion ingredients. In the southwest corner are some useful books and other items, including the Githyanki cipher disk. If Lae'zel is present, she will translate on the spot, but we can pick up the disk and bring it to camp for her to read.

We can also translate the disk ourselves using the careful cryptography of Tirsu, another Gith disk found on a nearby table. On the same table there was a piece of paper with another verse. Some of the most important things are on a large table in the corner. Paths into Darkness is a must-read and the handwritten text on the side contains clues to the fate of the tower's owner, go to the northeast corner to find a button on the wall. If we find an enchanted dog collar somewhere in the Underdark and put it on, some raw meat will fall off the button. Finally, we take the ring of the wizard's friend from the chest next to the bed.

Roof structure in Baldur's Gate 3

We climb again to reach the top floor of the Secret Tower. A character named Bernard will challenge the group with a line from The Road to Darkness, and if we have read the play, we can respond with another line. Bernard won't understand any other answers, and if the player says anything else, we may have to fight a difficult battle with a level 5 build and four animated suits of armor, Bernard also answers four other stanzas along the tower. The last one was on the repaired parchment on the table south of where Bernard was standing. This is what they do:

  • “How can I trust?”
  • "These blank pages..."
  • "There is light..."
  • "The silence continues..."
  • Bernard placed the guide ring on the table next to him. Bernard gives the speaker a powerful healing potion.
  • Bernard and the animatronic armor attack the group. Bernard hugged the speaker.

Besides Bernard, we can also find a bookshelf on this floor full of scrolls and broken machines that are ingredients for alchemy. We can now explore the basement if we haven't already (there's a shortcut from the roof to the basement via the Arcane Elevator when Pathlight is installed), but otherwise the Arcane Tower is no longer a secret.

This is all there is to know regarding How to explore the Arcane Tower in the Underdark in Baldur's Gate 3, having to apply the instructions to progress on this arduous path presented by this interesting and fast-paced game.

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