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2020-10-13 09:00:19

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There are many users who are still wondering how to fix error code 119, 120, 612 in Baldur's Gate 3, that's why we prepared this article covering it

What are error codes 119, 120, 612 in Baldur's Gate 3?

We are not really talking about a single error, but several, which can occur when we encounter the following error messages:

"Failed to delete file"

"Directory: File in my documents Larian StudiusBaldur's Gate 3Player Profiles".

"119 120 612 Error Code".

"Access denied".

"Could not create directory:? Larian StudiosBaldur's Gate 3.

"The system can not find the path specified".

"File system error".

With this in mind, it will be very important to know how to fix error code 119, 120, 612 to make all the above messages go away.
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¿How to fix error code 119, 120, 612 in Baldur's Gate 3?

There really could be several causes of this problem, administrator rights, Windows Firewall, antivirus software, among other possible causes.

So, to begin with, the first thing we recommend you do is disable controlled access to the folder from the ransomware protection.

With this in mind, go to the launcher: Steam and the executable administrator rights of the game, to do so you will have to do it from the shortcut on the program's desktop or from the executable. Right click on the desktop shortcut> Properties> Compatibility> activate Run this program as administrator> Save.

In case you still have problems that you cannot save the game or access has been denied you will have to press the Win key I> Update and security> Windows Security> Protection against viruses and threats> Protection against ransomware> Manage protection against ransomware > disable Controlled Folder Access.

You can also restore the default values ​​for the document folder location.

To do this you will have to right click on the Documents folder> Properties> Location> Restore defaults.

If the problem persists, we recommend turning off cloud saving and saving locally.

 This was our guide on how to fix error code 119, 120, 612 in Baldur's Gate 3, we hope you have managed to resolve this error quickly and get back to the game as soon as possible without any problems.

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