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Our walkthrough of Genshin Impact lets us tell you how to complete the Elemental Crucible Co-op Event

What is the elemental crucible in Genshin Impact?

  This is nothing more than a necessary event, in which it is vital to work a little to be able to complete it, which makes us do activities similar to the puzzles in order to get some rewards that may be necessary for this particular element.
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    How to complete the Elemental Crucible co-op event in Genshin Impact?

     This is a task that allows us to have the possibility of pairing up with three more players, because with this we achieve that we can be entrusted with a task that is immersed in the possibility of clearing a constant wave of elemental cubes, only that this simply usually triggers an elemental reaction for which it is necessary to aspire elements that may well be similar or conflicting, to choose to be able to deposit them in the Elemental Crucible.

     Choosing to collect the elemental cubes is necessary and is an essential part of our work to know how to complete the cooperative event of the Elemental Crucible, therefore this leads us to eliminate the enemies, only that for this it will already be necessary to have managed to unlock the event from Timaeus in Monsdtadt, which allows us to choose to mobilize to the Temple of a Thousand Winds to start our work, thus taking a quick trip and talking to Timaeus for a short time as this allows us to unlock the event.


    •  When we manage to complete the event, they will not expel us, which allows us to have the possibility of firing the Crucible to another round.
    • The rewards may not be adjusted to the crucible, not what makes us redeem them, only that this implies having to use at least 40 resins, which is the value for doing so.
    • It is necessary to consider that world rank 4 is the most favorable to expose Ley Line books by spent Resin.
    • It is ideal to consider increasing the Adventure Rank level to 35.
    • Perform some challenges that are clearly related to rewards that allow us to get free resin.
    • Completing the event allows us to get 300 primogems, Mora and improvement cores.

     In general terms, knowing how to complete the Elemental Crucible cooperative event is a very interesting task that we can only carry out in Genshin Impact.

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