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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-10-13 15:56:44

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Guide to learn How to perform a Floated Cross in FIFA 21

  You may find yourself playing Ultimate team right now to build your perfect starting 11 and if not, it doesn't matter because that doesn't prevent you from being one of those players looking for a way to configure your gameplay due to the changes that it has presented. the latest version of FIFA 21. These changes can be a bit uncomfortable when you do not know how to perform certain movements correctly, for example, How to perform a Floated Cross and if you do not know how to do it, do not worry, we will help you with it.

How to perform a Floated Cross cross in FIFA 21?

  • Platform Floating Cross Button Input Xbox One LB X
  • PlayStation 4 L1 Square
  • Nintendo Switch L Y

To make a floating cross, you will first need to pass the ball to one of your players on the field such as a winger or a midfielder on the left or right side.
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Once you have the ball here, run down the sides of the box for 18 yards. When you're in a good position, move the left analog stick in the direction you want the crosshair to go and hold LB and X on Xbox One, L1 and Square on PS4, or L and Y on Nintendo Switch to perform a floating crosshair. .

The longer you hold the buttons, the more power you put into your cross, so be sure to release it earlier in case you want to put the ball towards the nearby post, or hold it down for a few more seconds if you're trying to float the ball so that Someone direct her to the back post.

The floating cross is particularly effective when trying to find a player entering the back post. As this is a floating center, the ball tends to travel through the air slightly higher than a normal center, making it difficult for the goalkeeper to catch or reject it.

At first it may seem difficult to figure out how much power you need to put into your floating crosses so that they find the player in the box you want, but when you do, you will be hitting goals from left to right. and center.

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