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Among Us: How to play with no name

2020-09-28 08:50:58

Knowing how to play with no name is one of the options we have at Among Us and here we tell you everything.

Why play with no name in Among Us?

  Probably because this can give it a particular touch, although it is true it has managed to penetrate the public perfectly well, capturing approximately a number of 1.5 million players, who have the possibility of not obtaining a name, managing to go invisible in terms of identity already that we are probably interested in preserving a mystery with it, because at the end of everything we are free to choose without the need to hurt.

How to play nameless in Among Us?

  •   It is necessary to visit Compart to find a Unicode Hangul Filler U 3164 character, as it is just not to get a name.
  • Then we click on the link above and follow the steps.
  • We copy the Unicode character in quotes.
  • We proceed to open the Among Us application.
  • We select Online and then the text field to proceed to change the name.
  • We proceed to long press on our screen and select Pay.
  • Finally an invisible white character appears.

  Now that you know how to play with no name, it's time to do it yourself and show that there is more than one way to enjoy Among Us, give it a try.

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