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2020-11-11 10:45:44

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Delve into the universe of Among Us, since today we are going to tell you how to kick or ban players.

Why kick or ban players in Among Us?

We are in a game that are divided by teammates and impostors, in this way we will get to complete different tasks required by the missions, taking into account that the purpose of the impostors is the elimination of the crewmates before they are completed. these tasks, we have that in multiplayer mode cooperation must be effective in any of the teams in which we are in order to be successful in the results, but at some point there are players who may be an obstacle and therefore it will be necessary to know how expel or ban players, to answer this we must pay attention to the following content.
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How to kick or ban players in Among Us?

To do this, it is necessary that we click on the start icon that is under the text chat, which allows access to the players who are currently in the lobby, which we can expel or prohibit access to the game completely, `But taking into account that before a round begins we must do it, otherwise the expulsion by the other players is possible even if it is in a game already started.

In this way we come to the end of this Among Us guide, managing to understand How to kick or ban players to avoid some obstacles in the fun.

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