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2020-09-16 09:04:38

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Our work in Among Us is simply interesting and that tends to hook us, so it is important to know how to find friends

Why find friends on Among Us?

  This can become an additional task, since there is the opportunity to play with some colleagues but this has a disadvantage, and that is that the server is not designed to support all this number of players, on some occasions it tends to present inconveniences and fall, however It is possible to get a group of reliable players which makes knowing How to find friends is not an isolated task since they can choose to buy the game to join us and form an excellent team.
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How to find friends on Among Us?

 There are two particular options to achieve this, as it is not an easy task to choose one since we are constantly faced with the possibility that there are players who are interested in adding us as their friend.

 Access Discord.

 This is our first option, because it is the official channel of this game, the positive thing is that we are allowed to join when we consider it necessary, because there is the possibility of entering the channel and talking with some people who are interested in joining a game .

  •  It also becomes the only window for all players who have Among Us.
  • It is a simple option to take a look at the server.
  • We get by constantly published announcements and updates made by the developers.


 Access Steam.

 Thanks to the popularity that this game has achieved, we are offered the possibility of taking a look on Steam, because here is an interesting discussion, since there are some players who have some interest in joining this game, it is possible to choose to send them a request friendship, only they are not as frequent as Discord but it is a progress, since it is possible to start a game with only 4 players and then be able to increase the amount.

 This is all you need to know about How to find friends, as it is a simple enough task that we can carry out while playing Among Us.

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