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2021-04-06 09:12:38

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Find out how to complete all Main Hall tasks to achieve progress in Among Us.

What to know about the main hall in Among Us?

It is one of the locations on the aircraft map, which we find precisely in the center, to the right of the engine room we find this room, in turn it is to the left of the showers, something that it also connects with the electrical zone, so it is important once we are here to know how to complete all Main Hall tasks and for this we will see the details in this guide below.
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How to complete all Main Hall tasks in Among Us?


  •  Photo development: it is necessary that we look for the dark red room to complete this task in Among Us, for this then we will go to the side of the services closet, here on the right we will see one with a yellow highlighting, which places us in a mini game where some photos are presented to develop them, you have to drop them all in the chemical products container until they are visualized, once the process is finished we have to remove them from the chemical products in order to complete this task successfully.
  • Decontaminate: as for how to complete all Main Hall tasks, one of them is to decontaminate the main room, for this we will go to the room with some tiles on the floor and a hose, with this we can interact and it will be enough to be in the precise place to decontaminate it, which we can see through the icon on the right that must reach the bottom to achieve it, in this way we complete the task.
  • Energy diversion: for this task in Among Us it is necessary that we go to the electrical area, this under the main room, here we will go to the right side to interact with the closet, what we will do is launch energy in the upward direction and thus send it to the main room, once we return to this place we have to go to the left part of the map, to find a room on the far left where there is a panel that has a switch that we must activate, which allows us to complete the task.
  • Empty the garbage: in the wardrobe room of the custodian of the center we will find the necessary garbage can to solve how to complete all the tasks in the main room, very close to the photo development place, once we interact with the cube is We need to remove the garbage from it, then we take the bag and pull it, it may even be necessary to hit to remove it, when we have the garbage we will have to take it to the meeting room, which is located in the upper area of ​​the map, Being here we have to throw the garbage bag in the compartment, while we hold and hold a lever until the garbage can get out of the aircraft and thus complete this task.

 In conclusion, knowing how to complete all Main Hall tasks is interesting, because it allows us to have a better performance and fun in Among Us.

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