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2020-09-18 08:41:03

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How to chat on Among Us?

 There are two options to do this and they are the following:

  • Text chat: it is possible to access this screen while we are running or when we are in a meeting, for this it is only necessary to locate ourselves in the upper corner of the right side of our screen, here we see a bubble with wavy lines that cross it, and this it can serve us when we don't have Discord or voice chat.
  • Voice chat: This is an excellent option that is presented to us and we can do it simultaneously while we perform other tasks, because even when there is no voice chat here it is possible to take advantage of this third-party option, and Discord is great, because with This ensures that all the dead remain silent and with this it is not possible to know who has killed them, since the creators have not been interested in incorporating voice chat since this was not planned from the beginning.


This is all you need to know about how to chat, because one way or another it is necessary to talk with other crewmates in Among Us.

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