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2020-10-19 08:52:56

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Guide to learn How to always be an imposter in Among Us

  Knowing this popular game, surely many want to know How to always be the impostor to have a greater enjoyment of the game. The truth is, before, there wasn't much chance of becoming an imposter every time. However, due to the failure of the Among Us imposter, players can now become imposters in most of the games they are in, so this time around to discuss whether it is possible to achieve this by always being an imposter or not. .

How to always be an imposter in Among Us?

There were already a couple of ways that could increase your chances of becoming an imposter in each game. The recently discovered Among Us imposter flaw can exponentially increase your chances of always becoming an imposter.
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Here's everything you need to do step by step to help him take advantage of the imposter glitch:

  • -Open the application and enter the game.
  • -Organize the game and select the number of imposters (Hosting and choosing a large number of imposters in a game increases your chances of becoming one)
  • -Wait for others to join the game
  • -Go to the computer and choose the color of the character
  • -Just before the game starts, go back to the computer and keep switching between the colors of the characters until the game begins.

  Now that you know How to always be an imposter in Among Us (or most of the time) you will be able to enjoy even more the sinister activities that this position has for you. Luck!

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