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We welcome you to our Among Us guide where we will talk about how to complete all Armory tasks.

What to know about the armory in Among Us?

Through the aircraft map we have access to many areas that have specific tasks to be completed, among which is the armory, a place located to the west of the aircraft map, this on the observation deck and in turn next to the engine room and communication area, so to understand how to complete all Armory tasks we can rely on this guide and its content, which is presented below.
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How to complete all Armory tasks in Among Us?


  •  Load data: once we are in the north zone room we have to start this task in Among Us, then it is necessary to locate a terminal to the left of the room with a small signal screen in it, what we will do is interact, and we click on the download button, after the information is obtained we will go to the observation deck to interact with a device, the next thing to do is move the phone on the screen to find the signal, highlighting the need for a good signal to achieve the data load and complete this task.
  • Power diversion: it is necessary that we go to the electricity room to solve How to complete all the tasks of the armory for this specific one, here we have a medical bay on the left, under the showers, we can get to it starting from the lobby The main thing, as long as we are here in the electricity room, what we will do is continue on the right side to the bottom, to reach a room where there is a closet, when approaching this it is necessary to drag a red button up to When all energy is diverted to the armory, when we manage to do so we will return to the armory to interact with the energy panel, by pressing the icon in the center, the energy in the room will be restored and we will finish with this task.
  • Store pistols: for this specific task, it is necessary to find some pistols that are on the table on the south side of the armory, then take them to a room on the left and that when we approach the pistol holder we will be able to complete it.
  • Store the rifles: similar to the previous task, only this time it is about the rifles, we find these on a table in the north area of ​​the armory, we take the 2 rifles and take them to the corner of the same salt, with dragging them and drop them from our inventory this task will be completed.


It is evident that knowing how to complete all Armory tasks allows us to have more fun as we progress in Among Us.

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