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2020-11-03 23:16:28

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Guide to learn how to solve the cage puzzle in Amnesia Rebirth

 Everyone has their eyes on the new Amnesia Rebirth as you progress through its dark and murky world. Like the original title, this game also targets your sanity by subjecting you to cryptic puzzles that test your problem-solving skills in unique but often obtuse ways.

One of these mind-blowing puzzles is the cage puzzle that you come across in the middle of the game, so it's no surprise that you freak out when trying to solve this particular game challenge, so in this guide we'll teach you how to How to solve the cage puzzle.

How to solve the cage puzzle in Amnesia Rebirth?

Just as you start this level at Amnesia Rebirth, you will appear in a room with a glowing triangular device on the floor to the right. Pick it up and take it with you in a straight line, but leave it just outside the dark hallway for a light to shine through. Head down the stairs through this adjoining room and crouch under the grate into the hallway opposite where you walk in and grab another triangle from the floor here.

The second pyramid once you have it you must take it back to the statue room and place it in the entrance to the left, then fold back and lift the first pyramid again.
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Take it this way until the lights come on and the door opens to a room with a large table. Take the third pyramid from this table and place it facing the dimly lit hallway. Go back to bring both pyramids to chain the light to the dark room at the end of this hall.

The lights will come on thanks to the pyramids. You will need to interact with the switch at the far right of the room to lower the body cage to the middle platform. After a very particular device comes down and appears to scan the body, pull the lever at the foot of the cage to call a hook down to bring the body up and along a track on the ceiling. This is your ticket too.

Flip the same switch I use for the body, but this time an empty body cage will be brought in. But you will notice that it does not reach the platform, so you will need to climb the nearby ladder and enter before it leaves.

By this stage you will be in the final stretch of How to Solve the Cage Puzzle, where you will see that the bars will open as you scan it, revealing your fetus on the screen in front of you. Once you finish watching it, there will be a red button that will start to glow on the side of the screen, the same button that you must press to advance.

An unknown specter will appear and speak to you, promising to help you if you follow it. He flips the switch in front of the cage again and goes back inside quickly. Now they will pick it up and take it to the next section of the game.

 Now that you know how to solve the cage puzzle in Amnesia Rebirth you will be able to complete the game level to continue advancing in this Horror / Suspense game popular among the Gamer community. Luck!

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