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2020-10-22 09:46:12

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Today we come to talk to you about Amnesia Rebirth in order to explain how to destroy the fort's door

What does Amnesia Rebirth bring us?

This is a game where keeping calm and sanity are simply crucial aspects, because we are facing a game where terror disturbs us at each step we take, because we are facing an area where exploring is simply necessary, which allows us to know how to destroy the door of the fort, in addition to the mere possibility of encountering some puzzles, make Amnesia Rebirth simply adapted to a relatively special date such as Halloween.

The time in this game becomes important since in some cases it seems not to be enough, especially since there are some monsters that will be on the lookout to hinder us and make us fall into chaos, being necessary to know how to destroy the fort's door, only to To carry out this task it is necessary to have some important ingredients such as gunpowder.
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How to destroy the fort door in Amnesia Rebirth?

This is a somewhat complex task that leads us to get some necessary elements since it is our task to be properly equipped for the process of breaking down said door since we consider that behind it there could be some survivors who have been learned and are hidden, at least it is what we can hear on the radio, so that it is necessary to choose to find a key that allows us to open the hatch to access the building to open the door that is locked and thus start our journey to destroy the door of the fort itself.


  •  Once we have managed to make the gunpowder and create some bullets, it is time to go back to the tank one more time to crawl to the hatch.
  • Proceed to lower and locate the wooden handle.
  • Then we pull down to go down to the gap in order to empty the spent shell.
  • Next we open the inventory to select the shell and proceed to place it in the gap.
  • Next we pull the handle down so that the gap is raised.
  • We move to the left to observe a handle that rotates and thereby unlock the turret.
  • Finally we turned around, peeking through the lookout to aim at the door, managing to fire a shot in order to knock it down.


 How to make gunpowder in Amnesia Rebirth?

 This is a task that leads us to get some ingredients, in addition to the gunpowder station, necessary for our objective about How to destroy the fort door.

These are the necessary ingredients:

  •  Saltpeter: This is an ingredient that we can get in the radio room in Amnesia Rebirth, where the cannon has crashed on the floor, because what we have to do is get to this room to find it on some wooden shelves.
  • Ground Coal: This is the second ingredient that we need to locate, because here we get a piece of coal and it is necessary to grind it in the mill that is located on the left side, because our job consists of turning the crank until it can become dust, this It is an element that we get after having passed the trap in Amnesia Rebirth and accessed the room on the right when we access through the corridor from the gunpowder station to continue our tour of the ingredients necessary for the manufacture of gunpowder and thus know How to destroy the fort door.
  • Sulfur: This is the third ingredient necessary to make gunpowder and thus know how to destroy the fort door, only it is a bit more complicated since we will go through a long process because first we will find the sulfur ointment that is not the necessary but somehow vital converted to sulfur to reach our main goal in Amnesia Rebirth.

This is a difficult task because it leads us to observe a cage at the end of the corridor of the gunpowder station, there we can clearly see that there is a corpse that is hanging, it is not necessary to move to where he is since he has in his hand A key to open a door, only that we should not open it yet, since it is properly prepared to explode, in such a way that we will choose to take the lead from our inventory to open the door and as soon as we do, we will choose to run a little , then if it is possible to access the room that is somewhat damaged and in this way approach to open the closet where the sulfur ointment is, it is also possible to choose to disarm the trap that contains the door, as they are some grenades and this makes us having to enter through the window and proceed to remove the hook.

It is necessary to understand that knowing how to destroy the door of the fort leads us to have to return sulfur to the ointment, in such a way that it is necessary to choose to return to the room where we found the coal, observe that there is a door that is blocked and next to there is a bowl-shaped device that we must take, it is our task to place a candle inside, light it and proceed to place sulfur ointment inside a bowl above so that with the heat it can boil and thus finally become sulfur, once with this in our hands, it is time to go back to the gunpowder station at Amnesia Rebirth in order to get these ingredients mixed, so that we can choose to finally break down the door.

 Now that you know how to destroy the fort's door, it's time for you to take a walk down the hall through the gunpowder station and thereby get the necessary element for our objective set in Amnesia Rebirth.

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