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2020-10-23 07:21:41

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Amnesia Rebirth has arrived and this allows us to tell you how to get all the endings.

How many endings does Amnesia Rebirth have?

This is a game that allows us to embark on a horror adventure and offers us the opportunity to have 3 endings, which can perfectly put us one foot forward and choose the one that we consider useful for us, some consider that they are not necessarily all interesting , but there is nothing like testing them, since each one of them can trigger a series of events, as this usually presents some type of incidence in relation to the character that we are using.

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How to get all endings in Amnesia Rebirth?

Obtain the Good Ending: Choosing the ending that we consider necessary is our choice and if we opt for the good ending this leads us to have to understand that our objectives can be somewhat more complex, which opens the way for them to generate some terror and fear, usually occurs in this way:


  •  It is necessary to escape with the baby Amari.
  • Our task focuses on breastfeeding the baby and then picking up the vitar to feed the door that allows us to leave the nursery.
  • It is necessary to escape from the Empress who aims to kill Tasi in order to stay with Amari.
  • We must calm the baby so that she can stay as quiet as possible to sneak away.
  • We finally used the vitae to power the teleporter.


 Obtain the Evil Ending: This is another necessary option that we can do to achieve an ending that may not be the most feasible, it can become the easiest to give a closure to this game, which leads us to give the baby Amari the Empress once we have placed it in its crib, this offers us the opportunity to finish the game but risking the baby in the final meeting, so that this allows us to know how to obtain all the endings.

Obtain the Neutral or Secret Ending: This is an ending that can make us reflect a bit, and it is given in this way:

  •  It is necessary to solve the Amnesia puzzle to destroy another dimension.
  • Take the vitae and the baby Amari to choose to flee from the empress.
  • Use the vitae to open the doors to the southern, eastern and western tunnels of the Empress.
  • Using the red meat liquid from Tasi's injector to inject three control panels, which leads to a very complex final scene.

 This is all you need to know about how to get all the endings, as it is a really important task to know in Amnesia Rebirth.

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