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Amnesia Rebirth has arrived and with it, some interesting tasks allowing us to tell you how to complete the escape from the fortress

What is Fortress in Amnesia Rebirth?

This is simply a section of this game that has a number of small rooms that we can choose to enter and explore throughout the story, possibly this is one of the most complicated areas in this game that is already full of puzzles, leaving us an opportunity to tell you how to complete the escape from the fortress considering that there are some elements that make their entrance such as ghouls since they will be able to chase us and we must find some way that they cannot get too close.
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How to complete escape from the fortress in Amnesia Rebirth?

This is a task that leads us to move through history, because the fortress itself is simply a puzzle, and this allows us to begin our task in this way:

Access the elevator room: Our work today consists of explaining to you How to complete the escape from the fortress, only this leads us to perform some tasks so that this leads us to:

  •  Access the room where the radio is.
  • Have the possibility of being able to hear the radio from the patio.
  • There are some stairs through this place that allow us to access more tides in Amnesia Rebirth.

 It is necessary to consider that the elevator requires to have two pieces with us so that it can work and take us to the top, since one piece is the winch located on the ground floor of the rooms, it is an element that we can pick up with some ease and form part of the bow weapon in Amnesia Rebirth, in addition to having to look for a wooden platform to which it is necessary to place it inside the elevator, next to it the winch to access to climb to the top.


Enter the Intendant's room: This is another of the tasks necessary to know how to complete the escape from the fortress, and this is carried out when we are at the top, so that we are offered the possibility of seeing a door that is keeps closed, which leads us to look for an alternative to get through the crack since it is necessary to choose to go down through the hole that we managed to create since somehow it is required to interact with the radio and go to the office for which it is necessary make use of the ladder, as this is an action that we perform in Amnesia Rebith after managing to get a wheel to take it to the barrel and fix it to move it, but it is not the only one since our work involves another additional wheel, which we must take to choose to move the cannon through the corridor and break the ground, after all this effort we managed to reach the top.

Execute the escape from the fortress: Now if our work itself comes, because when we get to the patio of the Fortress we find a tank with its cannon at Amnesia Rebirth which allows us to take the opportunity to take a shot, because this simply allows us approach the tank and access inside the shipyard in order to take a carry, then it is necessary to go for some ammunition specifically necessary a total of 4, only that it would be necessary to access the room with the mere object of grinding coal, getting some sulfur to choose to make some vital gunpowder when it comes to knowing how to complete the escape from the fortress

Our advantage in this room is that we not only have the necessary ingredients to make the gunpowder, but there is also the grinder, then it is necessary to choose to move a little more, particularly to the mayor's office with the mere object of obtaining the saltpeter since all of them are part of our work on how to complete the escape from the fortress, once with the ingredients, it is necessary to go once more to the ammunition room to place all the ingredients in a blender and with it get the elaboration of a projectile, ideal to reload the cannon and to be able to shoot allowing us to make an exit from the fortress in Amnesia Rebirth, a little long but rewarding work in the end.

 Now that you know how to complete the escape from the fortress, it's time for you to give it a try and see how much action can contain Amnesia Rebirth for everyone.

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